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Branding is a very big and important decision for any business owner and I am thrilled that you’re considering working with me on your design project! Please read through my details and process to see how to get started.


A deposit is required to book your project and hold a spot on the schedule. Deposits are 1/2 of the total project cost and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation and are due prior to starting the project. Projects will not be started until a deposit is paid. Payment plans may be arranged upon request and discussion. A final balance is due before files are delivered. Deposits and payments are paid through paypal or square. 


In the event that you would require a complete redesign after the initial round of concepts, the already paid deposit will go towards covering those concepts and the new design cost will start over like the initial round.


Projects that are needed to be rushed may be pushed to a top priority project for an added fee,

depending on the project. Please contact me for more information. 


I like to work in a more exclusive type of manner, working with a few clients at a time.

This ensures that nothing is lost in translation and my clients receive top quality work.

New clients will be told the estimated wait time and may be asked to be put on a waitlist in

order to hold their spot. NOTE: Deposits are paid at the beginning of the start of the project,

not while on the wait list. 


All files are sent via email. In the event that a file is too large to be sent via email, all files will be sent via google drive or dropbox. You will be notified of which method is being used. 


Refunds are not given on design work booked and scheduled. Refunds on deposits are not given.


If communication is broken by the client (meaning, no response to emails or phone calls) for 30 days or longer, the project is considered abandoned. No refunds will be given, and the project will be taken off the schedule. If Client cancels mid-project, no refunds will be given, and design work will not be delivered.


Multiple logos/designs, such as wanting variations of a logo/design in addition to the already agreed upon design will be $25/each additional design.  


Extra revisions beyond the standard 3 revisions, are $25/ each additional revision.


Take a look at my services to see which one fits your business needs:

Logos | Print & Social Media | Website

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